How to view RAM specifications in Windows 11?


  • RAM is one of the constituent elements of any PC, and from time to time you will want to find out not only what its capacity is, but also what type of RAM you have in yours.
  • Knowing the RAM in Windows 11 is not complicated, and you should know how to do it

Since Microsoft released the latest version of its desktop environment, we have been reviewing and answering some of the frequently asked questions about Windows 11 . Well, if you want to know more about your computer after updating its operating system, something that can often be important to discover which apps to install and which not, it is better that you learn to see the RAM specifications in Windows 11 .

Of course, the first thing some will ask themselves is why to view the information of the RAM memory, and in this regard we can answer that this element of the hardware of any PC is essential for its performance, considering that the higher the RAM, and the more advanced the better your performance will be day by day.

View RAM in Windows 11 step by step

Amount of RAM from Settings

First, we are going to check the amount of RAM on the device from the System Configuration, like this:

  • Start your PC Settings, by pressing Windows + i on your keyboard
  • When Settings opens, click System and select About
  • On the About screen, expand the specific section of Device Specifications
  • By doing this, you will see the details about the amount of RAM, which will be 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB or 32GB

You can even copy that information if you need to , directly from the Copy button.

How to view RAM specifications in Windows 11


RAM type and speed

Now, we can make the serious mistake of staying only with the amount of RAM , when the type and speed of RAM is just as important , so let’s see how to approach this data.

Luckily, there is the Task Manager to allow us to see this information in a few seconds.

  • Open Task Manager by right-clicking on Start and selecting it
  • When it is open, the next step is to click on the Performance tab
  • Then, you have to enter the section dedicated to Memory
  • In the lower central part of the screen you will see a list of details about your RAM memory
  • You can quickly check its type and speed

Of course, you have the possibility to consult this information as many times as you consider appropriate.