How to use transitions in TikTok videos Make them more interesting

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If you are creating content on this social network, you know very well how quickly minutes can pass. Precisely for this reason, it is best to use transitions in videos of TikTok ; in this way we can advance the narration of the video and switch between scenes in a more fluid and less shocking way for the viewer.

TikTok offers a variety of templates that, although they resemble slide transitions, the truth is that they are not too popular. But many content creators choose to transition manually by making use of a few editing tools and recording tricks to make their video flow naturally and smoothly from clip to clip.

Performing some of these transitions can be very simple, although we must bear in mind that others may be a bit more complex and will need planning, but above all patience, especially if you have never done any of this.


How to use transitions in TikTok videos

All transitions have a simple purpose: to get the video moving forward and keep up with the music or what the person is trying to communicate. These can also be used to review something, change the appearance, the scene or to indicate that the subject will be changed. It is a matter of having imagination, think it very well and elaborate it.

Let’s see how to make a simple transition in a TikTok video:

  • The first thing is to hold the phone with one hand.
  • Now we are going to have to turn the mobile camera so that it is in selfie mode .
  • Make the video in question.
  • Once we’re done talking, we’ll use our free hand to cover the camera.
  • We stopped recording.
  • We go to another room in our house or perhaps the patio, we prepare to speak again.
  • With the hand covering the camera, we prepare to record again.
  • When we start recording, we take our hand off the camera.
  • We will finish the clip and stop recording.
  • Now we’ll play the clip and make sure the video looks smooth.

To give us a better idea of ​​how this transition effect would look, we can see this TikTok where it makes it very clear what can be achieved with it.

Once we have mastered the basics of transitions, then we will be able to experiment and take a little risk. Basically the good transitions come down to the use of the phone, its location and the synchronization . There is nothing else behind them, although hey, sometimes a little editing doesn’t hurt either.

Here we can see another transition a little more complex where the previous movement needs to coincide with the next one that we are going to make. But as you can appreciate it is more imagination than anything else.



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