How to Uninstall Sea of Thieves

How to Uninstall Sea of Thieves {Update 2021}

How to uninstall sea of thieves is your question then this is the right place to get your answer. Before we start our uninstalling process let’s give some time to know what is actually sea of thieves.

What is Sea of ​​Thieves?

In development since 2014, ‘Sea of ​​Thieves’ is presented as a revolutionary game, a new way of understanding multiplayer in which a group of friends can sail the seas as pirates with the intention of becoming legends.

Spectacular visually, Rare maintains the studio’s characteristic cartoon aesthetic, but gives the game an enviable graphic look, with one of the best recreations of the ocean seen to date.

The game enters through the eyes, but it also promises to make it playable. The idea is that accompanied or alone, you can go to sea in search of treasures and other challenges to gain reputation and money.

With the pockets full, you can customize your character and your ship-to give it personality and differentiate yourself from the rest of the pirates you encounter around the world.

How to Uninstall Sea of Thieves

For this, you will have the opportunity to complete missions, collect customization pieces and engage in combat on foot or by boat against characters controlled by the machine and, of course, also against other players.

However, the most promising thing about the game is its emerging narrative, and that is that without a closed plot to follow, it will be the users themselves who, with their adventures, shape their stories.

After several closed and open betas, everyone who embarks on ‘Sea of ​​Thieves’ highlights how peculiar it can be and, above all, how fun it is to join friends to play it. However, Rare’s secrecy invites suspicion about the game’s content and its depth.

Up to that point, we know three basic mechanics. Three styles of missions invite us to search for treasures, destroy hordes of skeletons and, finally, participate in transporting goods that require hunting certain animals to take them from one island to another.

A few weeks before launch, Rare adds to that mix the ability to participate in public events such as fighting a Kraken or raiding forts riddled with skeletons, as well as a secret base that is unlocked by completing a certain level to open new more difficult missions.

How to uninstall sea of thieves from pc and Xbox

Okay now you know what it is and most probably you are playing these exciting games on your windows pc or console. Now you need to uninstall this sea of thieves games yes, okay let’s start the uninstalling process.

There are two different versions of this game, one for windows computer another for windows gaming console Xbox one. In this how-to guide, we cover both the uninstalling process of SOT.

How to uninstall sea of thieves from windows pc

If you are familiar with the windows operating system you must know how to uninstall a program.In this case the process is the same as other programs. Let’s start the journey.

  1. First of all you need to click the windows icon on your computer or laptop you are using right now.
  2. Now you need to click the settings menu icon and then select apps section.
  3. After click the apps section windows will send you the page where you can find all the installed applications of your pc.
  4. Now you can check the applications you want to uninstall or remove from your system, in this sea of thieves is our application to remove. You can also search the application with search bar left corner of your screen.

5.Finally you can see the sea of storms icon on your installed apps list ,just click it and finally uninstall or remove it from your pc ,it take little time depends on your system.

How to uninstall sea of thieves from xbox

So now you know how to remove or uninstall sea of storms from pc ,its time for xbox now,don’t worries its quiet easy as like pc.

1.First of all you need to go to your console home screen pressing the Xbox icon on controller.

2.Okay ,now you are in My Games and Apps section right ? okay click the sea of storms icon it will highlighted.

  1. you need to do some few steps now to uninstall sea of storms, with you controller just click the menu button and select the manage game option there.

4.This is the final step you need to make to get your goal. One more time click the menu icon and here you finally get the uninstall option and just simply click it.

Now you know how to uninstall sea of thieves from pc and xbox controller, if you have any questions regarding this topic please feel free to put a comment below.