how to unhide a song on spotify

How to Unhide a Song on Spotify| Desktop|Android|Ios Version Update 2021

How to unhide a song on Spotify: Spotify is one of the most popular streaming application for listing music all over the world. If you want to know how to unhide a song on Spotify then read the following article . Before we going to know how to unhide a song on Spotify apps we need to know what is spotify ,how its works okay .

How to unhide a song on Spotify?

So if you want to unhide a song on Spotify just follow this simple step to make it workable for you.

Spotify app is available for all the 3 major variants, which means for PC Windows, Android and IOS.

Song can accidentally hide or you make it hide but when need to make it unhide its make some issues ,that’s why you are here ,okay lest dive into the methods no more talk

Before take the steps make sure you enable “show unplayable tracks” option .

Unhide a song on Spotify Desktop Version

1.Click the “V”

2.Then click setting

3.Then under display options click show unavailable songs playlist

4.okay this is the final part ,now go back to playlist option and tap HIDE button again ,you song in now unhide –enjoy.

Unhide a song on Spotify Android Version

1.Open your application and tap home button and then go to setting option.

2.Now you check your playback option and make sure show unplayable song option on.

3.Now as like as desktop version go back to the playlist and tap on the HIDE BUTTON again your hidden song is no longer hidden.

Unhide a song on spotify IOS Version

1.Same as before tap on app and tap setting option.

2.As like as android do the same for ios application .

3.Same process just follow the steps like android .


What is Spotify?

Spotify is an application that allows the reproduction of audio and video through streaming, that is, the continuous transmission of music or music lists of different artists around the world.

This multiplatform software, of Swedish origin, has a free version that allows you to listen to music for free, with some limitations and advertisements. Also, it has another Premium mode that offers better audio quality and other additional functions that work with a paid subscription.

You can use Spotify on different digital devices. It is available both in its desktop version and on mobile devices. Also, you can use it in the web version , if you don’t want to download the application. If you use the free version, you will have to hear ads on a regular basis, but you can have the Premium version for $ 10 a month.

By having your account within the platform, you will be able to choose any of the available functions so that you can listen to the music that you like the most. You can select by artist or by record label . You can also enjoy a radio station that is available to all users.

What is it for?

Spotify is used to play audio and video files continuously, accessing playlists created by users. In the same way, it allows you to directly explore and search what you want to hear, offering recommendations based on the search carried out daily.

How does it work?

This digital platform works with the transmission and reproduction through the internet, combining different streaming servers and P2P networks (peer networks), allowing the public to reproduce the different files at their own discretion, as if they were stored in the memory of the disk. hard on your computer.

As songs are played, they are cached in Spotify memory to avoid band consumption by playing the same files over and over again.

It is worth mentioning that, it is necessary to register with Spotify to be able to use its features and, despite allowing the use of the same profile on different devices, it is only possible to transmit on one computer at a time.


Like other similar applications, Spotify has certain characteristics that make it unique, among the advantages of this application are:

Spotify Radio: The biggest difference, and perhaps the main advantage of Spotify is its Spotify radio feature. Through this function, the platform detects and offers alternatives to the user’s favorite songs.

It works on different operating systems: The Spotify platform can be used without problems on Mac, Windows or Linux computers, working in the same way for all 3 operating systems.

Varied repertoire: It has more than 20 million songs available in the catalog, which are easy to find through the navigation and search bar.

Spotify Connect: With the Premium version, you have the option of accessing playlists without having to be connected to the internet, without invasive advertisements and, in addition, with 320 kbps sound quality (the highest possible quality for .MP3 )

Despite the positive aspects of Spotify, this digital multiplatform has some disadvantages, among which are:

Large data consumption: The proper functioning of the platform depends on a broadband connection, so the constant use of Spotify consumes a large amount of data and you could be disconnected in the middle of the month.

Free version without Streaming HQ: In order to enjoy high-quality music and videos, it is necessary to have the paid version. Otherwise, the user is subject to the speed of his internet for the use of Spotify.

Geographic limitation: There are limitations for some countries in the world with respect to the song reproduction service since some record companies restrict the use by privacy policies.

There is no play-by-play list in the free version: In the free version for mobile devices, only shuffle play is available, so the user will not be able to use song lists unless they purchase a membership.