How to set virtual desktop backgrounds in Windows 11?

Since we had the opportunity to learn about the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system for computers, and although it is far from being the revolution that some expected, Windows 11 has surprised us with small interesting details. Many of them are, in fact unmissable. And if you want to give your computer a unique touch today, discover how to set different wallpapers for virtual desktops in Windows 11.

We have the possibility of establishing a different desktop background for each virtual desktop, something that makes all the sense in the world because it avoids confusion between each of them, to the point where we wonder how it is possible that those from Redmond are you will forget this option in Windows 10.

On the other hand, setting up virtual desktop backgrounds in Windows 11 is something quite simple, so it won’t take too long and in just a few minutes you’ll have made really practical customization.


Set virtual desktop backgrounds in Windows 11 step by step

  • On the Windows 11 main screen, click the Task View button on the taskbar
  • When Task View opens, select the virtual desktop to customize
  • The view will switch to that virtual desktop, and right click on an empty spot
  • Select Personalization from the pop-up menu
  • In Personalization, go to Background
  • Then go to Wallpaper
  • A list of recent images will appear, among which you can indicate one as wallpaper
  • If you prefer, you can go to «Browse photos», to find an even more personalized image on your PC
  • When you are decided on the image in question, you can definitively set it from Settings

In case you want to continue adding different wallpapers for virtual desktops in Windows 11, you will have to repeat this operation for each of them, in their own Settings and Personalize.


Finally, it is interesting to note that the default Windows 11 wallpapers are located inside the C: WindowsWebWallpaper folder. You can add yours there if you want to have a little more order, of course.

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