How to set up a Chromebook for kids?

At the time, when we reviewed why a Chromebook is better than any Windows laptop, one of the many things that came to mind is that these devices based on Google’s Chrome OS operating system are ideal for children. Therefore, if you have one and you want your little one to start to become familiar with a computer, it is better to learn how to configure a Chromebook for children step by step.

In this sense, we could ensure that a Chromebook is an excellent computer for children, and that explains the high rate of use of such equipment in different educational institutions around the world.

Due to its simplicity and ease of use, perfect for those who are making their first weapons in computing, a Chromebook can be the ideal alternative for a child. And if you are thinking of acquiring one, or you already have one but until now you have not put it in the hands of children, there are some specific configurations to consider.

Setting up a Chromebook for kids step by step?

Indeed, if you already know how to configure a new Chromebook , it is likely that doing so for the full use of this device by a minor will take even less time, so let’s go into the details.

  • Turn on the Chromebook as you normally do
  • On the first screen, go to Add Person at the bottom
  • When asked about this, clarify that you are adding a child
  • If your son or daughter already has a Google account, you have to add it, otherwise create it via Family Link
  • With that account and password, you can finally add the little one, Accepting the Privacy and the Terms
  • Eventually, you can also add your son or daughter’s school account
  • By clicking Next, you will be able to check the details of the account synchronization
  • Press Accept after reviewing the Google Play Terms of Service
  • You will then have to decide whether or not you want to integrate the Google Assistant into your account.
  • Ultimately, you will be greeted by the Explore screen

Beyond the details that we will see below, relative to the first approaches to Chrome OS, we could say that you have already configured an account with the characteristics that a minor requires .


First approach to Chrome OS

That said, on the Explore your son or daughter screen you will be able to know some of the functions that Chrome OS has for him or her. While these devices tend to be quite safe, you should keep in mind that certain vulnerabilities are known. The best thing is that you try to prevent any misuse of the computer .

For this, our advice is that you review the possibilities that Family Link offers you in this regard, and that they involve parental controls for the management of applications, their navigation, blocking websites, etc.


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