How to set a reminder from an Android notification

We cannot deny that Android 11 brought a lot of news focused more than anything on user privacy . Although we have also received several adjustments in other sections and a few new functions. Of these new functions, one of the most interesting is the one that allows us to configure a reminder or event from a notification on Android in specific applications such as Google Messages.

Set a reminder or event from a notification on Android

We must bear in mind that this is a very new function. Therefore, it does not work perfectly; we will not always receive the notice for each of the notifications. Something else we have to keep in mind is that the chat bubbles must be active before continuing.

The first thing we will do is click on the chat bubble option in the notification . If chat bubbles are enabled, then the message bubble should appear automatically.


In case the content of the message is related to creating an event , making plans or a reminder, then the option of “Create event” will appear so we are going to press it.

Within the same chat bubble, we will have to fill in the event details and configure the reminder. Once we are done, we are simply going to click on “Save”.

After clicking on “Save”, the reminder will be configured from the same notification window. Something else that we must take into consideration is that not all applications work. Google did not share, for now, details about which applications are compatible and which are not.

Therefore, it is a matter of testing and waiting for a list of compatible applications to be released. However, it is possible that, over time, more popular applications have this interesting feature.

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As you can see, it is not difficult at all to learn to grill the reminders directly from the Android 11 notifications. Likewise, if you still have any questions about it, you can leave it in the comments box that you will find a little below and we will be happy to help you fix it.



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