How To Know If You Have a Virus on Your Mobile And Clear Up

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We are going to explain to you how to know if you have a virus on your mobile, something that can help you identify some of the behaviors of your device that may indicate that you have some type of malware. We are also going to briefly tell you some alternatives in case you want to get out of doubt and analyze the device or disinfect it.

Today there are a large number of threats to your mobile, from some complex viruses such as FluBot, which can steal money and take control of your mobile, to other threats such as ad injectors. With these tips that we are going to give you, you will be able to recognize most of them and clear up doubts.

Behaviors that point to a virus

We are going to start by talking to you about those abnormal signals and behaviors that may be indicating that you have a virus or other type of malware on your mobile. Think of these behaviors as indicators, and the more of them your mobile is performing, the more likely it is that it has been infected in some way.

The first indicator is to detect abnormal performance on the phone, such as applications and menus that close on their own because they have suffered some kind of error. This can be due to specific failures, but if you restart the mobile and it continues to give you these problems, it could be the first sign that there is something inside it that should not be there.

It is also quite important to check if applications are installed or settings are changed without your permission. Sometimes it may happen that you do not remember that you have installed a certain app, but if this repeats itself or is some type of application that you do not think you would ever install, then the alarms should start to sound. The same happens with changes without your permission in the configuration of the mobile. Watch out for these signs, because it can be significant malware.

Another sign of malware is if you detect that native apps are being replaced by others, such as SMS. This is a type of behavior quite characteristic of some extremely harmful malware such as FluBot, especially if with these applications that have replaced the native ones you cannot access your content, such as your SMS.

You should also pay attention to the resource consumption of your mobile. For example, if you notice that there is excessive consumption of the battery, it is convenient that you check what process is causing that consumption. If it is a strange application or a process that you do not recognize even looking for it on the Internet, then you may be infected.

Another consumption to take into account is the unjustified spending of data. Many viruses are sending your phone data to criminals’ servers continuously, so this sending is reflected in data consumption, which you may notice that increases steeply from one day to the next.

An unequivocal symbol that you have at least one malicious application is that advertising begins to appear where it should not be. If you notice that your phone shows more ads than usual, or that the ads that usually appear on the pages you visit have suddenly changed or are from other sources, then you may have an adware virus on your device.

In the case of Android, it is also convenient to look at which applications have asked you or are asking for Accessibility permission, with which you can take full control of your phone. Never give this permission to an app that you do not know well, and if your mobile starts to malfunction, check this category in the permissions in case there are any unknown or suspicious ones on the list.

How to check if you have a virus on your mobile

There has always been an eternal debate on whether it is necessary to install an antivirus to be better protected. The answer of most experts is that antivirus adds up. They will not protect you 100% because part of your protection depends on yourself, but they can help reinforce the security of your mobile. However, there are native solutions to check for threats, something that can help you for a first review and eliminate some viruses.

For example, on Android, you can search for harmful apps with Play Protect. You just have to enter Google Play, which is the application store, open the menu by clicking on your user image, and clicking on the Play Protect section. This allows you to analyze the mobile in search of applications that may be dangerous, although against other viruses installed by APK it may not be enough.

Unfortunately, there is no native detection system for threats or malicious applications on iOS. Apple’s advice is that you update all your apps and your mobile itself and that if the problems with a virus do not stop, then factory reset the phone, a nuclear solution that also works for your Android.

And although they are not strictly necessary, we have already told you that they are there to add and help, so if this is not enough you can also try installing the main Antivirus on the market. However, if a sneaky virus cannot be completely removed, it is best to reset your phone to factory settings. The VirusTotal website is also recommended, which helps you recognize malware in your APK files downloaded on Android. A good alternative to hit a review before installing anything.

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