How to install Windows 11 from a USB Step by step {Update 2021}

How to install windows 11 from a USB: If you want to try Microsoft’s new operating system, but don’t know how you’re in luck! Because in this extensive and detailed guide will teach you how to install Windows 11 from USB to boot and is much easier than you imagine.

How to install windows 11 from a USB

The first thing we will have to do is create a bootable USB with Windows 11 and then we will be able to go to the guide to be able to install Windows 11 on a PC.

How to create a bootable USB in Windows 11

In order to create a bootable USB we will have to use Rufus, it is a fairly simple application, in addition to this guide, we should not have any kind of problems creating the bootable USB. We assume you already have a copy of the Windows 11 ISO image, so let’s jump right into creating a bootable drive.


The first thing we will have to do is connect the USB drive to our computer and start Rufus, the USB device will automatically be selected. After this we will have to click on “Select” just on the right side of “Boot selection” and we will choose the ISO image of Windows 11. It is best to create the boot drive on the same computer where Windows 11 will be installed. In this way, Rufus can automatically preselect all the appropriate settings for your system.

In case the boot drive is created from another computer. It is important to verify the partition scheme of the machine where we will install the operating system. For this we press “Windows + X” and open the Disk Manager. Then we are going to right-click on “Disk 0” at the bottom and open “Properties”. We go to the “Volumes” tab and verify the style of the partition, it can be GPT or MBR.

In order to upgrade to Windows 11, it is necessary to have the GPT partition. Therefore, if you have a GPT partition you will have to convert it to MBR.


Once this is clarified, in Rufus we will have to select “GPT” in “Partition scheme”. Obviously, we are going to have to choose the partition scheme accordingly. This is the only option that we must modify in case of creating the boot drive from another computer.

The rest of the options should be by default. Next, we are going to click on “Start”. The process can take a while, so let’s arm ourselves with patience and wait for it to finish. When finished close Rufus and connect the USB in the computer where we are going to install the new OS.

How to install Windows 11 from a bootable USB

Once we have connected the USB drive we are going to restart the computer. While it restarts we will have to start pressing the start key constantly. In this sense, it may vary depending on the computer.

For example, on an HP laptop, we must press the “Esc” key. On other computers it may be the Delete key, F12, F9, F10, etc. We will have to look for the key to be able to access the start menu on the internet.


In this example, we will have to press the “F9” key to access “Boot Device Options” which would basically be Boot Device Options.

Here we will have to select the USB memory that we created previously.

After this, the Windows 11 installation wizard will start. Therefore, we are going to click on “Install now”.

On the next page we will have to select “I don’t have a product key.”

After this it will ask us to choose the edition of Windows 11. In case you are using a computer with Windows activated, the edition will be selected automatically.


Now we are going to click on “Customize”. In this way we can install Windows 11 on a specific drive and prevent the entire disk from being erased.

Once we are in the partitions section, we will have to choose the drive “C” or where we have the operating system. This will only take care of formatting the C drive, all files, documents, downloads, applications, etc. They will be deleted and other partitions will not be touched.

The installation process will then begin, which can take a long time. If you have an SSD in your computer, it may take much less time.

After Windows 11 installation is complete

After the installation is complete, the PC will start automatically. When it starts up again, we will see a Windows 11 integration setup (OOBE) screen.

If we have Windows 11 Home, it is impossible to create an account without connection, it is necessary to be connected to the internet to activate the Microsoft account. It seems silly, but it is one of the system requirements. In case you have any of the other editions of Windows 11, we can go to Login options> Offline accounts> Limited experience and in this way we can create an offline account.

Detail to take into account and from what we say, it is silly. It is that for those who have Windows 11 Home, after finishing the installation we can configure a local account and delete the Microsoft account.


And basically that would be it, we already have Windows 11 installed on our computer with all the new functions. From its new start menu , taskbar , a redesigned Microsoft Store to support Android apps, and many other options.


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