How to import Access data into Excel

How to import Access data into Excel

  • Access and Excel are two of the most repeated and frequent programs in office environments, and there may be the need to carry content created in the first, to the second for later editing
  • Fortunately, it is not as complicated as it seems to be able to import Access data into Excel, and we can achieve it both by importing complete files, and only some columns of them

Few presentations need Access, the database management system, and Excel, the spreadsheet processor. Microsoft has trusted them, and they have managed to become two of the most used programs by users. If this is your case, you need to be more productive, and you are looking for more versatile spreadsheets, importing Access data into Excel is not complicated at all , and it will allow you to play a little more with them.

In any case, if you do not know what a database is, the first thing to clarify in this regard is that it is a set of data belonging to the same context, and that they have been stored systematically, for later use and exploitation. So it makes sense to want to import those databases into Excel from time to time .

Having clarified this, and without ceasing to recommend that you also try to make friends with Access and how it works , we are going to teach you how to import Access data into Excel quickly and easily,

Import Access databases to Excel step by step

In the following lines you will see that importing Access elements into Excel is as easy as importing different content into Excel spreadsheets, so you shouldn’t have any fear of switching from one software to another.

  • Open a new Excel file, in which you are going to import these databases
  • Click on the Data section, and then on Get data from Access
  • Once its icon is pressed, select the base to import
  • In Data Link Properties, OK
  • In the next window, OK
  • In case your database has several tables, you will have to choose which of them you are going to import
  • A window will appear that will allow you to choose where you want to place the new table