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How to Format Text in Microsoft Forms

How to Format Text in Microsoft Forms
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It is possible to format the text in Microsoft Forms, in this way we can add bold, italic, color, vary the size, underline, etc. In short, the application offers us a large number of tools so that we can give it the format we want.

Can you write bold in Microsoft Forms?

It is possible to put all the text in bold or a small part, it is something too easy to achieve. Microsoft Forms offers different tools so that we can format the text and we will see a little below how we can achieve it.

How to Format Text in Microsoft Forms

The first thing we will have to do is open the form that we want to format.


Next, we are going to have to select the text that we want to modify, we can double-click it so that it is highlighted.

When we do, formatting tools will appear, the most basic of which would be:


  • B: used to make bold , we can also press Ctrl + B.
  • I: in this case we can put the text in italics , we can also do it with the shortcut Ctrl + i.
  • U: is to underline the text , the keyboard shortcut in this case is Ctrl + U.

In case you want to add colors to the text, you will simply have to click on the “Font Color” button and choose the color you want, said button is represented by the letter “A” and a color.

If what you want is to change the size of the font, we will simply have to click on the icon that has two A’s, one larger than the other. In this way we can choose between the sizes: large, medium and small.

Finally, we can arrange the text to add several points to it or accommodate it as numbers. Ideal for when we want to create a particular list. For this we must use any of the last two options that we find in this toolbar.


As you can see, it is extremely easy to format or format the text in Microsoft Forms. Likewise, we remind you that if you have any kind of doubt you can leave it in the comments box that you can find a little below and we will be happy to help you as always.


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