How to Factory Reset Apple TV

In many cases, it is essential to restore the factory settings of Apple TV to its original state. Maybe it’s because something is not working as it should or you simply want to sell it. Be that as it may, we are going to show you a little below, several methods so that you can factory restore your Apple TV.

Restore settings from remote control

We start with the first method that is for Apple TV 4K and HD , it is quite simple and in a few minutes you will have your device factory reset.


The first thing we will have to do is go to “Settings”.

After this we will have to go to “System”.

Here we are going to choose “Reset”.

There are two options: Reset or Reset and update.

In case we choose to reset, Apple TV will restore its original factory settings, for this it is not necessary to have an internet connection.


But if we select “Reset and update”, Apple TV will be factory reset and will also install the latest update available for the device, in this case it is essential to have an internet connection.

Factory reset Apple TV 2nd and 3rd generation


It is not too complicated nor is it very different from what we saw above, some options change in terms of where they are accommodated. So we start by entering “Settings”.

After this we will have to go to “General”.

In the General menu, we will have to look for the option “Reset”.

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In this new screen we will have to choose “Reset all settings”.

Factory reset Apple TV using a computer


If for some reason you don’t want to do it from the Apple TV itself, we also have the option of doing it from a computer.

The first thing we will do is disconnect the power and HDMI cable from Apple TV.

Then we will have to connect the device to a Mac or PC . We can use a USB-C cable to connect Apple TV to your computer. For the second or third generation, we will have to use a Micro-USB cable.


Next, we will have to open iTunes in Windows or from Finder in macOS. We select Apple TV from the list of media sources and then we go to “Restore Apple TV.

In this new window we will have to select ” Restore and update “. After this, the latest version of the software available for Apple TV will be downloaded and installed.

After the restoration is complete, we will be able to disconnect Apple TV from the computer, we should not do it before so as not to interrupt the process. Then we can connect it to the TV as we normally would.


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