How to Enable Voice Typing in Windows 11 {Update 2021}

At the time we already did a review about the small interesting details of Windows 11 that make the difference with respect to previous versions of this Microsoft operating system, and today we want to focus specifically on one of these characteristics. If you’ve just upgraded your operating system, enabling and using voice typing in Windows 11 will probably be very useful for you.

The first thing to say about it is that, despite what most people might believe, this is a feature that works really well, not like other voice dictations that we know of.

This recognition is precise and always acts according to the indications given.

How To Enable voice typing in Windows 11

At the moment of truth, there are two different mechanisms through which we will be able to take advantage of voice dictation in Windows 11. The first of them has to do with the tool incorporated by Microsoft for this, and the second with the solutions that the same people from Redmond give us but not for all Windows 11, but specifically for their Office application suite. There are even some commands that you should know.

With Windows 11’s built-in voice typing tool

The native voice typing tool in Windows 11 is a system-wide utility, and we believe it is the best alternative when trying to give a computer directions in this way .

Before starting, keep in mind that you will always need a stable Internet connection for this.

With this clarification, when you see a text field you must invoke the voice writing toolbar, and you will be able to start with that dictation, thus avoiding having to write everything yourself.

  • Simultaneously press the Windows + H keys to enable voice typing in Windows 11
  • Click on the Microphone button to start speaking, and test its general operation
  • Indicates the different sentences of the final text, being precise in terms of its punctuation
  • If you notice problems, check in Settings, Time and language, Voice, that the language is correct
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If you want the voice typing launcher always active, so that it runs every time you click on a text field, you have the possibility to go to the Settings, in the voice typing overlay, and mark it as active using the toggle from “Voice dictation launcher . ” It could save you a lot of time.

With solutions for the Office suite

As we had said before, one of the doubts about Windows 11 was whether it also has voice dictation assistants for the Office office suite . Luckily, they have incorporated these essential tools.

The Office applications come with a “Dictate” option , and it works in a similar way to what we described above, with full support for automatic scoring. It even works on Windows 10 too.

Another advantage is that those who use the free Office portal will still be able to take advantage of Microsoft’s voice services, so there are almost no limitations in this regard. There are small, almost imperceptible differences.

Finally, it is important not to confuse this feature with the Transcribe function in Word, which is different and available only to paid users. Both concepts are often misunderstood.

To use voice typing within the Office applications on your Windows 11 PC, you first have to open any of these applications, such as Word or PowerPoint . In the upper right corner you will find the option «Dictate», present both in the downloaded programs and in its web portal, and you must click on it.

Once you have done it, you press on the «Microphone» button and you start talking without problems .

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From Settings you can activate Automatic scoring and other customizations that interest you .

Dictation and punctuation commands for better voice typing

Before concluding, and to give you an idea of ​​the potential of voice dictation in Windows 11, we want to review some of the dictation and punctuation commands for better voice typing :

To do this Di This
Clear a selection Clear selection; deselect that
Delete the most recent dictation result or currently selected text Delete that; hit that
Delete a text unit, such as the current word Delete word
Move the cursor to the first character after a specified word or phrase Go after that; move after word; go to the end of the paragraph; move to the end of it
Move the cursor to the end of a text unit Go after the word; move after word; go to the end of that; go to the end of the paragraph
Move the cursor back in a text unit Go back to the previous word; go to the previous paragraph
Move the cursor to the first character before a specified word or phrase Go to the beginning of the word
Move the cursor to the start of a text unit Go before that; move to the start of that
Moves the cursor to the next unit of text. Advance to the next word; go to the next paragraph
Moves the cursor to the end of a text unit. Go to the end of the word; go to the end of the paragraph
Enter one of the following keys: Tab, Enter, End, Home, Page Up, Page Up, Back, Delete Touch Enter; press Backspace
Select a specific word or phrase Select word
Select the most recent dictation result Select that
Select a text unit Select the next three words; select the two previous paragraphs
Turn spelling mode on and off Start spelling; stop spelling
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Over time, it is very likely that the number of dictation and punctuation commands for better voice writing will multiply in each language, which will give us even more versatility in its use .


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