How to enable call forwarding on Google Fi

It is fairly simple to enable the forwarding of calls in Google Fi , Fi which makes it an excellent choice for a mobile line. If we want to ensure that we receive any calls on another device, we can use the Google Fi call forwarding function from the same application or website. It is something quite simple to configure and we can change it when we think it is necessary.

In the following article, we are going to see a detailed guide so that you can quickly learn how to activate and deactivate call forwarding in Google Fi.

Enable or disable call forwarding on Google Fi

We must first consider a few things before continuing. It is essential that the Google Fi account is active in order to use call forwarding. Another thing to consider is that if we are on an unlimited plan, but we will not consider using our Fi data for a while; The best thing to do would be to switch to a flexible plan to save money , something that never hurts.

The guide that we will see a little further down will be using the Google Fi application. However, we can also carry out this process from the Google Fi website.


The first thing we have to do, of course, is log in. Once we are in our account, we will have to go to the main menu and scroll down to find the option ” Call forwarding “.

Next, we are going to have to enter the phone number to which we want to forward the calls, we are also going to have to write a short description, ideally we put something about the new mobile. After this we press “Verify by text message ” and we wait for the SMS with the code in question to be sent to us.

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Once we have received the code, we will have to enter it to verify the number. We wait for Google to complete the verification and we can see the numbers that are available for sending calls. On this same screen we can deactivate call forwarding and even add new numbers.

Obviously we are going to need an active Google Fi account to be able to access the settings mentioned above. It is also necessary to have another mobile phone to be able to forward calls.


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