How to earn Smooth Love Potions or SPL token in Axie Infinity?


  • The Smooth Love Potions or SPL are the money of Axie Infinity, one of the most successful blockchain games
  • These tokens can be obtained in different ways, and the most interesting thing for many players is that, after doing so, they have the possibility of getting rid of them in exchange for real money
  • We review the alternatives to obtain Smooth Love Potions. Why is energy important?

We recently defined it as one of the best blockchain titles today, and we even told you what to know about the characters in Axie Infinity. Well, the questions around this game have multiplied, and today we want to focus on other information that could be extremely useful when facing new games: how to win Smooth Love Potions or SPL token in Axie Infinity step by step step .


The first thing we must mention in this regard, for those who do not know, is that the token obtained as a reward in the different game modes in Axie Infinity is called Smooth Love Potion or SLP, so, as with other titles, basically whoever accesses this currency has an advantage in the games .

And to that we must add an extra ingredient, and that is that players can not only improve their performance in games but also exchange these tokens for money in real life , multiplying the reasons to try to increase their Smooth Love Potions wallet or SPL token whenever possible.

With that said, and being aware of the danger of free online gem generation pages and the like, we are going to show you then some ways to get Smooth Love Potions or SPL in Axie Infinity.

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Tricks to get Smooth Love Potions in Axie Infinity

Completing daily missions


The most direct method to get these tokens is through the daily missions that you can complete .

We talked about completing the daily log by logging into the game, completing all 10 levels in Adventure mode, and winning 5 matches in Arena. As easy as that, you can quickly earn a good amount of SPL in Axie Infinity.

Fighting monsters in Monster Battle in PVE mode

With PVE mode, you can earn up to 100 SLP per day, and all you have to do is face the intelligence of the game, pretending to defeat the monsters by beating the different levels that arise:

  • Level 1 to 4: 1 SPL per win
  • Level 5 to 9: 2 SPL per win
  • Level 10 to 14: 4 SPL per win
  • Level 15 to 16: 6 SPL per win
  • Level 17-20: 5-10 SPL per win
  • Level 21 to 36: 10 to 20 SPL per win

In turn, there are some special boss battles, which will give you even more extraordinary benefits :


  • Nivel 21: 200 SPL
  • Nivel 36: 300 SPL

Note that while PVE does not require energy to earn SPL in Adventure mode, you will need to have some experience. Therefore, Adventure mode is the only solution for hunting SPL if you are inexperienced .

Hunting SLP in PVP mode

Unlike PVE, in PVP mode you have to face other players in the game, but the truth is that this is probably the most entertaining option through which to add Smooth Love Potions .

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Here, the more something your arena rank or MMR score is, the better the prizes for winning:

  • Less than 800: 0 SLP
  • 800 a 999: 1 SLP
  • 1000 a 1099: 3 SLP
  • 1100 a 1299: 7 SLP
  • 1300 a 1499: 8 SLP
  • 1500 a 1799: 9 SLP
  • 1800 a 1999: 10 SLP
  • 2000 a 2199: 11 SLP
  • +2000: 12 SLP

And how to increase your energy?

As we have mentioned before, although the battles in Adventure and Arena mode consume 1 energy, in the first one you do not need to have energy to add tokens, while in the second it is necessary.

Therefore, we could say that gaining energy is, many times, the previous step to gaining SPL .

In this sense, a good advice is that you try to have as many Axies as possible because, that way, they will recover faster in terms of their energy, and you will be able to maximize the amount of SPl gained per day.


Not for nothing, Axie Infinity is one of the best blockchain games to make money today.


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