How to disable autoplay of videos in Microsoft Store in Windows 11

The new version, Windows 11, comes with many interesting modifications, especially in terms of its interface. As for the operating system store, it will also undergo a large number of changes, but some things will remain. The problem is that many of those things can become annoying and precisely why, in this article, we will see how to disable the autoplay of videos from Microsoft Store in Windows 11 .

These videos are basically promotional clips for applications and games, this means that in many cases they are played before we download the app. Obviously, we can pause the videos, but on many occasions, we may not even want it to play; especially when we are going to download an app that we already know.

Therefore, in today’s article we are going to see that the Microsoft Store has an option to disable or disable automatic video playback in a fairly simple way and above all, too fast. It is much simpler than we imagine and we are going to see step by step everything we must do to be able to disable this annoying function.

Turn off autoplay of videos in Microsoft Store

The first thing we will do is start Microsoft Store, for this we will have to click on the icon found on the taskbar . In case we do not see this icon in the bar, we will have to use the search engine; press the Windows key and write “Microsoft Store” without the quotes.

Next, we will have to click on the profile photo that is in the right corner of the screen. A new menu is displayed with several options, the one that interests us is the one that says “Application settings”.

In the configuration options, we will find the “Automatic video playback” that is activated by default. So all we have to do is simply click the switch to disable the option to automatically play videos in Microsoft Store on our Windows 11 computer.

And basically, that would be it, in this way we have successfully disabled the automatic video playback from the Microsoft store.


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