How to delete a user account on Mac

When we use a Mac among several people it is essential that each one has their own private account. However, when one of these people no longer use it, then we can proceed to remove one account of the user of Mac and is fairly easy to get.

How to delete a user account on mac 


First, we will have to go to “System Preferences ” in the upper left corner of macOS.

Then we will have to go to “Users and groups”.

Here we can see all the user accounts that we have on our Mac. Our account will appear in the left sidebar of this window. If we see that it has the word “Admin” underneath, it means that we have administrator privileges.


In case we do not see it, we will have to log in with any other account that does have administrator privileges and we will go to the same page of “Users and groups” in system preference. We are going to click on the padlock icon that is in the lower left corner of the window.

A small window opens where we will have to enter the administrator password. We will click on the button that says “Unblock” and in this way we can make changes to the account.

In order to convert our account into an administrator, we will have to click on our user from the left sidebar and we will have to check the option “Allow the user to manage this computer”. After this it will be necessary to restart for the changes to take effect.

Once we are administrators, we will have to re-enter “Users and groups”. Then we will have to click on the padlock icon in the lower-left corner and write the password; finally, we click on unlock.


Now, in order to delete a user account on Mac, we will have to select the username from the left sidebar and click on the “-” (minus) button found under “Login options”.

We can then decide whether to keep some data that is associated with the account that we are going to delete or whether we want to delete absolutely everything. In case we do not want to touch anything of that user we can select “Do not change the home folder”. Otherwise, if we want to delete all your data, we will choose “Delete the home folder”.


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