How to clear or remove formatting in a Word document

If you applied several modifications to a document and it is not as we really wanted, we can erase or remove the formatting in a Word document in a fairly simple way.

In Word, there is a predominant style attached to each paragraph. Therefore, any changes we make to paragraph formatting without changing the associated style may not be maintained. It is at that moment that we notice that the format changes do not work.

Therefore, we are going to see a fairly simple guide so that we can learn to edit a document in Word to remove the formatting in Microsoft’s office suite in a matter of minutes.

Clear or remove Word formatting


So, in order to remove the formatting of the content, we are going to have to select the text in which we want to delete the format. For this we must click and hold from the beginning to the end. Alternatively we can press Ctrl + A. After this we will have to go to the “Home” tab and in the “Styles” section we will have to click on “Styles Panel” which is to the right of the styles that we have available to use.


On the right side of the screen, the styles panel will appear. At this point we are going to have to select the option that says “Delete formatting” that is at the top of the styles. In this way the content style will return to its “Normal” state.

Alternatively, what we can do is select the content for which we want to delete the format and then click on “Delete all format”. It is a small button with an “A” and a “Draft” as the icon found in the “Source” section. from the “Home” tab.

Something to keep in mind is that even if you select all the text, the content of text boxes, headers and footers have to be removed manually and separately.

In the event that we cannot apply any kind of modification, it is possible that the document is protected against changes. In that case, you should request permission from the owner of the document to be able to modify it to our liking.



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