How to change the NAT type on PS5 Quick and easy

Obviously, when it comes to playing online no one likes having to deal with slow and unstable connections. If this is happening to us, it may be due to several reasons: internet provider, someone using all the bandwidth, the router, etc. But if we have ruled out all possibilities, the only option left is to change the type of NAT in PS5.

Especially if you have a strict NAT type , this is very important. Because this type of NAT can prevent us from connecting to many other players, this is a connection problem that increases waiting times when searching for games; even on many occasions we will not be able to play even with our friends.

Therefore, we are going to see a very detailed guide for you to learn how to change the NAT settings on PlayStation 5 , follow the steps to the letter and you will quickly return to playing as usual.

Change NAT type on PS5

The first thing we have to do is verify what type of NAT we currently have. In case of having an open NAT, then it is possible that the connection problems are not related to the NAT. In case of being connected by Wi-Fi, the best is an Ethernet connection, it is more stable and much faster to play.

Check what type of NAT I have


The first thing we should do is turn on our PlayStation 5 and go to “Settings”. Once we are in this section, we will have to select “Network”.

Now we are going to go to where it says “Connection status”, here we will have to select the option “View connection status”. Another option would be to select “Test internet connection”.

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We can see all the information regarding our NAT , with more very interesting data on the download and upload speed available for PS5.

The types of NAT on PS5

There are three types of NAT, in PS5 they are referred to as NAT Type 1, 2 and 3 , they are generally called Open, Moderate, Strict. Basically, each of these is responsible for allowing or denying other NAT-type connections.

Open can connect to anything without any restrictions; Moderate can be connected to Open and Moderate; Strict can only be connected to Open.


In case we have NAT type 1 or Open, then we should not have any more problems with this issue and if we continue with connection problems, it must be something else. On the other hand, if we do not have this NAT configured, then we will have to proceed to do something called Port Forwarding or port forwarding .

What is port forwarding?

To sum it up a bit, this is a process that opens the digital ports on the router. These ports are responsible for the flow of internet content on our devices. To try to clarify a bit, video game consoles generally use ports that are not closed; this means that, if we do not have an open NAT, opening those ports can solve the problem.

How to set up port forwarding on PS5

In order to have a type 1 or Open NAT, what we must do is open the ports on the router specifically for the PS5. Something to note is that the process is relatively different on each router. Therefore, the ideal is to look for information about the specific router that we have at home.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that we will need the login information of the router and the IP and MAC address of the PS5. These last two can be found in the “Network” section in the PS5 settings, as we show you above.

The first thing we should do is go to the login page of our router and log in with our access data. Now we will have to go to the router’s port configuration and we will have to open the following ports for the PS5:

  • TCP: 1935, 3478-3480
  • UDP: 3074, 3478-3479

Next, we proceed to save the modifications and we will have to restart the router, it is also recommended that we restart the PS5.

Now we must follow the steps we saw above to test the internet connection and verify the type of NAT we have. It should already be a type 1 NAT or open NAT.


If the problem was not solved, it would be advisable to start the guide again and make sure that the information that we have entered in the router is correct and above all, that the changes are saved.


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