How to automatically move emails to a folder in Outlook

Outlook is a popular email client used by many people. While it’s great for managing your emails, there may be times when you want to automatically move certain messages into specific folders and Outlook doesn’t have this feature built-in. Luckily, there are third-party add-ins that can help with this problem. This article will show you How to automatically move emails to a folder in Outlook.

We receive a large number of emails on a daily basis, and the inbox might become a mess. How do we know which emails need to be dealt with first? It’s simple: We may simply mail arrange emails in Outlook, keeping everything organized. A complete guide to the greatest techniques is presented in this post. We’ll show you how to utilize it later in this post.

Automatically load emails into a specific Outlook folder.

How to automatically move emails to a folder in Outlook

We open the Microsoft Outlook desktop software. If we haven’t already, we’ll need to make a folder; for this, we’ll right-click on our username and pick “Create new folder.” We can choose whatever name we want for the new folder.

Finally, we must open the email of the specific sender whose messages we wish to be placed in the new folder. To accomplish this, simply double-click on the email; it will launch in a new window.

How to automatically move emails to a folder in Outlook

We go to the “Messages” tab at the top, then to Rules> Create rule.

Create a new Outlook rule.

How to automatically move emails to a folder in Outlook

After that, a new window appears called “Create rule,” where the “From (Sender’s name)” check box must be checked. We can also check the box “The subject contains,” which will only move emails with that particular phrase to that folder. If we want to move all the sender’s emails, regardless of the subject, then the “Subject contains” checkbox must be unchecked.


Finally, we’ll check the “Move items to folder” option. Then we must pick the folder where all those messages will be relocated. For this, we’ll need to select the “Select folder” option and pick a folder from the list that appears. If we haven’t previously established a folder, from this part we may do so by selecting “New.”

To do this, go to “Advanced Options” and input the criteria. We can also move emails to the folder once we’ve set conditions. After we’ve completed all of our configurations, we merely hit “OK.”

After that, a pop-up message will display the words “Rule has been established.” We can see a “Run this rule now on messages that are already in the current folder” checkbox in the pop-up notice. If we check this box; This rule will apply to all email messages we have received from this sender, and Outlook will automatically move everything.

We’ve already established the rule when we click Accept. Outlook will then move all of the emails to the folder we created.

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