Discord everything you need to know full guide {Update 2021}

Several months after announcing the feature, Discord is finally enabling this new feature for servers. But obviously now several doubts arise What are Discord threads and how can I use them ?

These threads are designed to make it easier to order the conversations in the channels of our server. It’s too easy to learn how to use, configure, and allow everyone to be a part of it. In this fairly detailed guide we are going to see each of the points that you need to be clear about the Discord threads.

What are Discord threads and what are they for?

For all of us who are long-time Discord users, we already have experience when it comes to conversations, especially those that can be broken into different topics in a matter of seconds. Before we know it, those involved in the channel are talking about different topics at the same time. Which makes everything chaotic and the idea of ​​the Discord threads is, precisely, to try to solve this problem.

Basically, Discord threads are a way to create a separate section of those conversations without the need to create a new channel. This thread will exist within this channel, but it will have a different place where the members of the server will be able to talk about a specific topic. You could say that this is a channel within a channel, but it can be easily removed after the conversation comes to an end.

It may seem a bit complicated at first. However, once we get used to it and above all things we see how to create a thread, it is much easier to understand.

Threads are going to be useful in situations where everyone is talking to each other, but no one is reading or paying attention. So, let’s pretend we have a group that wants to discuss whether Call of Duty Warzone is the best FPS, then we’ll create a thread for that specific topic. All conversation moves to said thread, while the channel can continue to talk about Genshin Impact . When the thread is idle long enough, it is automatically archived.

Is the threads function free?

Most of the functions, at least the most important ones, are completely free . Although there are some extra features which can be unlocked with a Discord Nitro subscription.

Is it necessary to have permissions to create a Discord thread?

In order to create or chat in Discord threads , it will be necessary to have server permissions to participate. Depending on what we want to do, we will have to go to Server Configuration> Threads and then we can choose one of these:

  • Use public threads: this will allow you to create and chat in threads that are already open to all members, if this is disabled, then only the administrator can reply to existing threads.
  • Use private threads: basically it is to create and allow only a small group of users to have permissions to enter the threads.
  • Manage Threads: This permission gives the Discord thread moderation rights, you will be able to rename or delete Discord threads.

How to create a thread in Discord

There are two ways to create a Discord thread, we will see both methods a little further down.

Using the # symbol

The first thing we should do is go to the channel where we want to create the thread and we are going to have to position the mouse over a message, we are going to see a new icon in the form of “#” which is titled “Create thread”.

When we click on said icon, a new menu opens on the right where we will be able to give said thread a name and adjust the activity period. We can choose to last one hour or 24 hours for free. To start it, we will simply click on “Create thread”.

In this way the thread is already created and we can go to it by visiting the same channel where it was created in the beginning. You can send messages and chat without worrying about messing up the main channel.

Using the “+” symbol


The other way to create it is by using the “+” sign that appears in the message box, on the left side.

When we click on it, the option to “Create thread” or “Create thread” will appear. Clicking on it will open a new menu on the right side.

Again we are going to give it a title, an initial message and then we configure how long it will last active. When we finish we simply click on the blue button at the bottom and that’s it.

How to find Discord threads already created (active or archived)

We will have to go to the channel where the threads are created and we will have to click on the “#” symbol that is in the upper right part.


Now a drop-down window will open and we will see all the threads that are active and those that have been archived. By clicking on any of those, we will jump to the thread in question.

In this way we can find the threads that are currently active or those that have already been archived in a channel.

How to join a thread on Discord

If we want to join a thread of which we are not currently part, we will only have to follow these steps.


The first thing will be to go to the channel where the thread in question is located. We will click on the “#” symbol in the upper right corner of the window.

Next, in the drop-down window, we are going to have to find the thread we want to join.

We will click on it to open it and then we will have to click on “Join” in the upper right part of it.

We must bear in mind that, if the thread was marked as private, then we will not be able to join it without someone adding us or an administrator giving us permissions.

How to leave a Discord thread

If we don’t want to be part of a Discord thread anymore, it’s too easy to quit. We will simply follow these steps.

We are going to click on the three-dot icon that is in the upper right corner of the thread in question.


A new menu is displayed with many options, here we are going to have to choose the one that says “Leave thread” and that’s it. In this way we can abandon it without any kind of problem, it is not necessary to confirm anything else.

How to Archive Discord Threads Manually

When we create the thread we have the option to archive it automatically. However, you may want to archive it ahead of time, this is possible.


The first thing we will do is open the thread that we want to archive. Then we will have to click on the three points that are in the upper right corner to open the drop-down menu. Of all these options, we must click where it says “Archive thread”.

In this way we have managed to archive it successfully. However, it can still be found in the archived threads section. So we must click on the “#” icon and then switch to the “Archived” tab to find the thread.

Likewise, the ideal is to let it complete its period and file itself.

How to unarchive threads

We already know how to create, archive, join, etc. It’s time to learn how to unarchive Discord threads


We will have to go to the channel where this thread is archived. Then we are going to click on the “#” icon in the upper right part of the channel.

In this drop-down window we will have to go to the “Archived” tab and we will see a list of all the threads that have been archived, either by us, other members or automatically.

Now we will have to click on that thread and then we will have to click on the button in the upper corner that says “Unarchive”.

We must bear in mind that the threads that were archived by moderators can only be unarchived by them.


In case it was not archived by a moderator, we can even send a new message and said thread is automatically unarchived.

How to delete them forever

Filing them is a simple way to get them out of the way, so that they are not seen and remain in a specific section. But perhaps we want to eliminate them permanently, this is possible, but we must bear in mind that once it is eliminated, it is not possible to recover it.

The first thing we must do is open the thread that we want to delete and then we will have to click on the ellipsis icon that is in the upper right, a new drop-down menu will open.


Next, we will see an option right at the end and in red that says ” Delete thread “, when we click, a new window will appear where we will have to confirm that we want to delete it.

In this way we have already eliminated the thread in question. As we mentioned before, we must bear in mind that it is not possible to recover it. Therefore, if we want to discuss the topic of the thread in question, we will have to create a new one.

I can’t see Discord threads

In the event that you can’t see the thread options in Discord, don’t worry. The company announced that this is being rolled out progressively and that currently only 10% of servers have the option available. They are in a testing phase and need to check that everything is working properly. Little by little they will enable the option for all servers, it is a matter of being patient.